Song in memory of shooting victim

A friend of US-Israeli citizen Elan Ganeles, who was killed in a shooting attack in Samaria, has released a song in his memory.
The friend tells Israel National News: “Elan was born and raised in Connecticut, USA. After high school, he courageously decided to immigrate and serve in the IDF. Before his military service, he participated in the Kibbutz Ulpan program in Sde Eliyahu in the northern Beit Shean Valley. After that, Elan began to serve in the field of computers in the IDF. After military service, Elan began to study neurology and geology at Columbia University.
About a month ago, Elan came to Israel for a short visit to friends. After he visited me in Pardes Hana, he continued north to his brother who lives in Haifa, and together they made a trip to the Kinneret area. After a few days in the north, he went down to Jerusalem via the Jordan Valley. On his way, at Arava junction, Elan was murdered in a shooting attack, leaving behind much tears and sadness.
That day I heard about the terrible event, I couldn’t sleep all night. In the middle of the night I wrote a song about Elan. Below is part of it.”
(Elan is the Hebrew word for tree.)
‘The heart is broken into a thousand pieces
Pained, mourning, angry, sad,
Waiting for sleep that might comfort me

How, how, how?
Oh widowed nation, and why, why
Uproot among the best of our young trees?

Tree, tree, our blessing
You gave us beautiful light and shade
Even though your fruits are sweet, we will no longer taste them
But you have planted love for the world in our hearts forever.
On the one hand, the song tells about the pain and the loss and the indigestible feelings. On the other hand, the song tells about the light and love that Elan was present during his short life. Next to the song, Elan’s friends produced a music video. The music video was shot in Side Eliyahu, Elan’s favorite place in Israel. The clip revolves around planting a fir tree in his memory. We hope that the friends and family will find comfort in the small and artistic tribute we created in honor of our beloved Elan.

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