The ChaiFM App

Join 15 000+ people in 80 countries who listen to ChaiFM every week!!

Download the official 101.9 ChaiFM mobile app and enjoy live audiostreaming from the convenience of your phone.
Get the latest information from the world of ChaiFM through Facebook and Twitter as well as access to all contact details.  
Key Features: 
– Live audiostreaming of 101.9 ChaiFM radio
– ChaiFM’s Facebook feed
– ChaiFM’s Twitter feed
– Contact information
– Access to the 101.9 ChaiFM website
– One-click dialling straight through to the 101.9 ChaiFM studio  
– Ability to play audiostreaming in background on capable devices
More features coming soon… 
Notice: Standard carrier data rates will apply. ChaiFM recommends using Wifi when using audio streaming
Visit your App store and search “chaifm”