Menorah at San Diego State University Chabad toppled for second time

The menorah that stands outside the Chabad House at San Diego State University has been toppled for the second time.
The vandal took down the menorah with “disturbing force,” according to the StopAntisemitism organization who posted a video and photographic evidence of the aftermath of the incident to social media.
“We are disgusted to hear the menorah at San Diego State University Chabad Jewish Center has been vandalized once again,” StopAntisemitism tweeted. “Jewish students deserve to feel safe on your campus, San Diego State University.”
Tagging the university”s president, Adela de la Torre, they added: “Please investigate and take appropriate legal action to put a stop to this bigotry.”
The menorah was placed in front of the Chabad House two decades ago.
StomAntisemitism described the security camera footage showing the “disturbing force with which the man attacks the menorah his hatred can almost be sensed through the screen.”

The incident was denounced by the university”s vice president for student affairs and campus diversity, J. Luke Wood, according to the Algemeiner, who said in a statement: “SDSU stands in solidarity with the Chabad House and all members of the Jewish community and condemns all forms of antisemitism. To be clear: Any acts of vandalism, hatred, or marginalization toward members of our campus community, including our Jewish community, will not be tolerated.”
The Chabad House”s menorah was previously vandalized in June 2021.
Two young women behind the incident were captured on surveillance footage committing the act and also defacing a banner at the center.

The building had also been recently burglarized and it was vandalized three months earlier in April. Photos were stolen from the premises and the thieves bragged about the theft online, though they later apologized and returned the photos.
“They just came by the Chabad House and started tearing out the banner behind us. They went from one side, grabbed a piece of it, went to the other side and started tearing the banner. If that wasn”t enough, they decided to go and destroy part of the menorah,” the Chabad House”s Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah told CBS 8.
“We”ve had across the street, right behind us, the dorms were tagged with swastikas, we”ve had an online comment of hate on Instagram, saying the world doesn”t need the Jews. It”s been going on and we”re very, very disappointed and very hurt by it,” he added.

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