The Villain and the Victim

Whereas there might be many faces to Jacob Zuma, most of them can be condensed into two primary themes. He is either the villain, ominous and threatening and openly defiant of the law, of the NEC, and of the wishes of the country.

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Give Us The Tools

Winston Churchill’s radio broadcast of the 9th February 1941 was a particularly rousing affair. In part designed for a local audience, and in part an international plea for desperately needed assistance.

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The Falling Optimist

The story is told of an optimist who falls from the top of the Empire State Building. On the way down, around the 30th floor, someone leans out the window and shouts, “Hey, how is it going?” The optimist, still falling, looks at him, gives him a big thumbs up and a confident smile, and screams back, “Yeah! So far so good!” 

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But He Is Good for Israel

The happenings on Capitol Hill left most sane people winded. And whereas many were quick to blame 2021 for letting us down so spectacularly and so early into the year, it clearly had little to do with the calendar and everything to do with the former president of the United States Donald Trump.

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Airborne Anxiety

January 2021 and it feels like anxiety is airborne. Say what we want about the transmissibility of the new variant of COVID, it is the disquiet and the worry that have found their way into every corner of our lives.

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