Iran claims advisor killed in Israeli air strike in Damascus

An Iranian military advisor was killed in an air strike in Syria late Thursday night, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps claimed Friday.
“The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps announces the martyrdom of guardsman Milad Haydari, one of the IRGC’s military advisers and officers, in the criminal attack of the Zionist regime on the outskirts of Damascus at dawn today,” the IRGC said in a statement Friday afternoon.
On Thursday, Syrian state media accused Israel of carrying out an air strike in the capital of Damascus.
Explosions were reportedly heard around the capital, with the state media outlet SANA reporting that the national air defense network had been activated.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the strike targeted military targets tied to the Assad regime and pro-Iranian militia groups in western and southwestern Damascus.
A day earlier, media in Syria reported another airstrike attributed to Israel in the greater Damascus area.

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