I would like to remember Rodney Love.
Rodney was my boss and my friend for over 12 years.
Rodney was born deaf 72 years ago and although his hearing loss was profound he was a better listener  than most people I know. Rodney taught me about business and about life. He taught me perseverance, tenacity and the value of being dependable for others.
Despite his hearing disability he became a motorbike racer, only retiring from Kyalami racing in the 1980’s. That’s where I met him and as often happens, people come back into your life.
Rodney was academically brilliant, he was dependable, honest, always open to his own learning process and he was a caring teacher. Rodney not only taught me about business but he also shared insights with me about being hearing disabled.  He taught me not to judge.
Rodney was a ‘mensch’ of a man, a truly decent human being who was softly spoken who was a gentle giant who looked after himself physically, was slender and didn’t smoke.
Rodney passed away in Linksfield Hospital a few days ago. Rodney had his jab 4 weeks ago. Not enough to save his life. Rodney was in his early 70’s .
Will miss you Rodney.
Condolences to his wife, children and grandchildren.
Etienne Swart


  1. What a shock to hear of the passing of Rodney ,to Gale we send sincere condolences , May he Rest In Peace . If have Gales cell no please

  2. My deepest condolences to Kerry Jane Love and Gianna love his beautiful daughters, to Little Ethan his grandson who adored his granddad and Kyla his granddaughter and his other grandkids in Cape Town and his son In law Robert Henderson, all beautiful wonderful people who mourned the loss of their dad deeply. Forever in their heats. My thoughts are with you all

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