2021.07.28 – Dr Groenewald – Disaster Management Amendment Bill

Rob Hutchinson
Rob Hutchinson
2021.07.28 - Dr Groenewald - Disaster Management Amendment Bill


  1. The Anc government have luckily succeeded in making citizens so antagonistic towards them, that they will soon lose power in governing this country with their draconion laws and constantly extending this unreasonable disaster management bill.
    Their actions will lead to their own downfall soon.
    Their own senselssness will cause them losing their governing power.
    They can not rule without citizens approval!

    1. The public needs to to approve any state of amergency. It is not for the minister to make any decisions on this before consulting the view of the public.

  2. Thank you so very much for such an excellent and informative, and helpful interview with Dr. Groenewald. We commend Dr. Groenewald for introducing this Bill, and will most certainly support it. Parliament must oversee all decisions, and there absolutely must be public participation from the citizens of South Africa on all matters pertaining to the rule of law in South Africa.
    As far as we understood, lockdowns were deemed “unlawful” in July, 2020; but The Minister refrained from answering the public. Why are we therefore as a nation, still under Lockdown ???? All lockdowns must end immediately for the benefit of every citizen in South Africa, and the Municipal Elections must happen in October, 2021 as scheduled.

    1. Courts have been tesfed, they look at the act. We need to act on this experience and improve the act for the benefit of all citizens.

  3. Africa’s Nazi’s Criminals are only focused on where they can steal from the citizens. Democracy’s principles are not applied. Citizens have never benefited from any ANC input. Uneducated incompetant devious people are in positions they do not qualify for.

  4. I unreservedly support the Bill. It is in the interest of the RSA . It is in keeping with the Rule of Law which reflects the foundation of our constitution and is designed to protect that.

  5. I would prefer to have a vaccine which is tested in a moral justifiable way eg the Novavax vaccine from Maryland, USA. As matters stand, the Government has assumed the power to unilatterely and autocraticlally decide what vaccination should be administered. That is a matter which the peoples of South Africa has the right to decide for themselves.

  6. I agree that there must be regulations and standards put in place to control who and how a government or provincial body can set up a state of disaster, and for what period.

  7. NO one minister may have the SOLE right to decide regarding the detail or the length of ANY disaster.

  8. Well done! May I respectfully suggest that a closer look could be given to a few other areas of government regulations..

  9. It is unacceptable, in a so called democracy, to have uneducated dictators making decisions on the health and wealth of individuals. I do understand that South Africa is a Third World country (and will never become a first world), that is trying to project a First World image, but the masses has been kept uneducated and hungry by the existing government, so that the masses are incapable of making decisions and therefore will rely on their PARTY they voted for, to make the best decision on their behalf. It is imperative that the power of the final say, does not lie with a single person that has absolutely no knowledge pertaining to the existing disaster and there is no other parliamentarian in the ruling party that can make such a decision. This power must be in the hands of the people. People that can reason and discuss before instant laws are put through.

  10. I agree with Dr Groenewald. The ridiculous banning of cigarettes and alcohol have been outrageous.
    The Hospitality industry who employ thousands 9f people have been negativity affected and so many businesses have closed down.
    Very little thought thought processes go into these decisions.
    The bill must be a mended asap.

  11. The members of parliament do not represent the people.
    As the people do not elect their representatives to parliament the people elect a party to represent them in parliament and the party appoints people into parliament that represent the party.

    This is how we ended up in a position where we are now The ANC first therefore the people and the country come second

  12. Govt overreach has become oppressive. The power should be with the people, not unquestioned regulations by incompetent ministers

  13. I agree entirely with the Doctor and his ammendment bill as there needs to be more accountability and parlementary oversight . To often there is inadequate accountability which is unacceptable in a democracy .

  14. Dr Groenewald talks a lot of sense.. We cannot be dependent on the whims and moods of just a few in Government to throw a whole nation into despair … irrationalities by these few need to be checked and controlled by a wider majority in Parliament represented by all opposition parties. If this cannot happen we really do not have a democracy.

  15. Thank you Dr Groenewaldt, I do agree that this amendment act must please bring an end to the possibility of a one man’s decision as in the past. This ammendment will bring more say to the public to bring value to their interest. I do have personal experience of Disaster management and can say this is what is necessary to put things in perspective. Thank you.

  16. II agree that parliament should be consulted regarding disaster management regulations. They are irrational and causing more harm than good.

  17. I have listened to Dr Groenewald put the matter forward. This matter is serious and requires far more discussion amongst related officials to bring their own understanding and that of the public as to exactly who must take action, what action is to be taken and how the public are to be advised and also brought into the equation. If the matter is as serious as they believe it could be, then they do NOT want to wait for a full parliament to gather and discuss the situation at length. An element of time needs consideration and speed would be necessary.

  18. I fully agree with Dr. Groenewald . Joe public needs to have a say or input in decisions being made at provincial and local goverment level . How can the minister of co-operative governance decides what is best for our country and people , without any input from the people .

    Our ECONOMY is in shambles because of poor decisions and the continuance of lockdown regulations . I have big hopes that more people and the greater public out there , gets involved with the Amendment Bill .

    We as the people of this country , should STOP moaning , groaning and complaining about the state our country is in , and rather use this social platform to voice our opinions and be heard . Every comment listed here can make a difference .

    Whishing you luck in all future endeavours to save our beloved country.

  19. Tyranny is what’s going on worldwide !!

    We cannot allow the destruction of the economy any further. Which is the aim of globalist forces.

    Protect the vulnerable, let the healthy people go to work !!! We were all fooled with the 21 day story in March 2020!!!

  20. There is a serious lack of accoutability to ta cabinet and thus the voters/citizens under the current system.
    Give back more power to the people !

  21. provide that an extension to state of disaster may only be adopted after a public debate .
    amend the allowed duration of a state of disaster (no more than 21 days);
    that any action taken as a result of a declaration of a state of disaster is only effective prospectively;

  22. I stand for truth & justice where all citizens are concerned so amendment to this bill is long overdue.

  23. I agree with the proposed Disaster Management Bill because people must judge the situation on their own and not be judged by a single person.Bt the duration should be determined by the nature and the extent of the damage

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