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2021.10.14 - Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month and Cervical Cancer Awareness - Dr Trudy Smith
2021.10.14 - Chaeli Mycroft on her book Unapologetically Able
2021.10.14 - Amy Samson - Chalishing
2021.10.07 - Dr Osayande Evbuomwan - UFS Department of Nuclear Medicine treats first patient with advanced stage of prostate cancer
2021.10.07 - David Lucas, Prostate Cancer Survivor - Davis is a passionate advocate for early testing
2021.09.30 - Peter Whitecross, ​Testicular cancer Warrior - My cancer experience
2021.09.30 - Dr Mary Dawjee, Dentist at the Thinc Clinic - September is National Oral Health Month
2021.09.09 - September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - Professor Gita Naidu


2021.10.14 – Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month and Cervical Cancer Awareness – Dr Trudy Smith

2021.10.14 – Chaeli Mycroft on her book Unapologetically Able

2021.10.14 – Amy Samson – Chalishing

2021.10.07 – Dr Osayande Evbuomwan – UFS Department of Nuclear Medicine treats first patient with advanced stage of prostate cancer

2021.10.07 – David Lucas, Prostate Cancer Survivor – Davis is a passionate advocate for early testing

2021.09.30 – Peter Whitecross, ​Testicular cancer Warrior – My cancer experience

2021.09.30 – Dr Mary Dawjee, Dentist at the Thinc Clinic – September is National Oral Health Month

2021.09.09 – September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Professor Gita Naidu

2021.09.09 – Nikki Bush – Future-proof yourself August 2021 book launch

2021.09.02 – Dr.Moshe Magethi, Co-Director at Sports Medicine Africa – To wrap Woman’s Month, we look at the benefits of sports medicine for women

2021.09.02 – Natasa Levy – DL Link Charidy Call centre volunteer

2021.09.02 – Jane Griffiths – Jane’s Delicious Superfoods for Super Health new book launched yesterday

2021.08.26 – Steven Rudlings, Ashley’s husband – Mom Battling Stage 4 Cancer Donations Pour In

2021.08.26 – Jules Gordon, DL Link Charidy Call centre volunteer – The reason I became involved with DL Link

2021.08.26 – Desiree Firer, Breast Cancer Warrior and Charidy Call centre volunteer

2021.08.26 – Lori Milner, Speaker, trainer and author – How to Press Your Internal Reset Button and Get Unstuck

2021.08.19 – Nikita Friedman – follow up on Mighty Mack, 6-month year old diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

2021.08.19 – Brenda Stern – Continuing the momentum of Charidy

2021.08.19 – Barry Hilton – Behind the mic with funny man Barry Hilton who turned the DL Link Charidy 2021 into magic with the DL Link Money Heist

2021.08.12 – Turning the wheel from tragedy to triumph – Reyaan Traut, disabled athlete 12 gold medal-winner

2021.08.12 – Dr Des Fernandes has been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa’s first ever Lifetime


2021.07.29 – Solly Krok, DL Link supporter

2021.07.29 – Hylton Kallner, CEO of Discovery Bank – The relationship with DL Link

2021.07.29 – Nila (nee Metz) & Gavin Milner, husband and wife

2021.07.29 – Michelle Goodman, Founder DL Link

2021.07.22 – Lebogang Ramphisa, breast cancer warrior and founder of Flowers of Hope – How tragedy transformed cancer survivor

2021.07.22 – Dr. Rani Samuel, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist – Overcoming trauma and acute stress reactions

2021.07.15 – We congratulate Dr Coetzee on his recent accomplishment -Dr Lance Coetzee, award-winning surgeon and urologist

2021.07.15 – The power of plant-based food as medicine – Jessica Kotlowitz, Registered Clinical Dietitian

2021.07.08 – Cancer and now Covid Survivor just awarded SA Radio Awards 2021 Hall of fame inductee – Mark Pilgram

2021.07.01 – Robbie Eddles – Durban teenager defeats leukemia and finds other patients the donors they need

2021.07.01 – Dr Duvern Ramiah – Oncology unit at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital reopens

2021.06.24 – Golden Buzzer Moments

2021.06.17 – Prof Wolfgang Preiser, Professor and Head at Division of Medical Virology Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Stellenbosch University – Covid-19 and cancer – everything we need to know + questions about the vaccine for those with all chronic illness

2021.06.17 – Nicole Austin, pharmacist, TV presenter, Survivor SA Runner-up, previous Mrs South Africa and Ambassador for Rare Diseases SA – Sponsors of Brave: The Gratitude Season

2021.06.10 – South Africa’s top female solo adventurer takes the mental health industry by storm – Jo Rust, top female solo adventurer

2021.06.10 – A Few Slivers of Light by Jess Robus book – Jess Robus and mom, Jacqui Robus

2021.06.03 – Charlotte Maxeke hospital fire follow up with a special focus on the cancer unit – Jack Bloom, DA Spokesperson on Health in Gauteng

2021.06.03 – Beyond tea and tissues protecting and promoting mental health at work book (KR Publishing, March 2021) – Prof Karen Milner and Judith Ancer

2021.05.27 – We celebrate the woman that is PJ Powers – loving known as Thandeka

2021.05.20 – My family of superheroes” – Positive affirmation is the theme of soon to be released new children’s book (released on 24 May 2021) – Zinhle T Matthews, Author

2021.05.20 – Parenting, child and adolescent therapeutic skills and mindset when dealing with crisis, with a specific focus on chronic illness or trauma in the home/family – David Abrahamsohn, Clinical Psychologist

2021.05.13 – New technologically advanced cancer treatment – Dr Bhiskar Reddy, Radiation oncologist

2021.05.13 – Mindful music therapy – Yochi Ress, Clinical and Organisational Psychologist, Master Facilitator and Professional Musician

2021.05.06 – Beth The Mermaid Neale and Miles Aquaman Cloutier – The ocean and marine life conservation is really setting a wave in South Africa… For a different altitude and attitude around the power of healing through breathing, nature, water, wildlife and connection with the natural world, we are joined by South African-based freediving and conservation couple, Beth ‘The Mermaid’ Neale, four-time South African freediving champion and Miles ‘Aquaman’ Cloutier who take the plunge in an epic upcoming Freediving Diaries TV series which premiered on Sunday, 3rd May, showing off freediving skills with nothing between them and 15-tonne whale sharks but the blue ocean for an unimaginable underwater journey.

2021.04.29 – Sabina and Katia Cignoli, Mother and Daughter warriors – Carte Blanche Story follow up, (aired 18th April 2021)

2021.04.29 – Professor Janet Poole, Paediatric Oncologist Dr’s Poole, Wainwright and Associates – Neuroblastoma (NB) is a type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue. It most frequently starts from one of the adrenal glands but can also develop in the neck, chest, abdomen, or spine. Symptoms may include bone pain, a lump in the abdomen, neck, or chest, or a painless bluish lump under the skin

2021.04.22 – Shaninlea Visser, Quadruple Amputee turns talk show host – sharing her story to inspire others to do the same – Quadruple Amputee Launches Talk Show: The Shan Show, Friday 23 April

2021.04.22 – Ryan Stramrood Stramrood Connect – inspirational speaker, businessman and an extreme open water swimmer – The secret to keeping your nose above water – no matter what and at all times

2021.04.15 – Prof Estelle Verburgh, haematologist and stem cell transplant director at UCT Groote Schuur Hospital – She is the doctor you interviewed with Malcolm Henderson as she was treating him with the team at the time – interview was in January 2018)

2021.04.15 – Philip Gerson, DL Link Angel – Organized a subscription for our DL LInk Warriors to over 6000 audio books.

2021.04.15 – Christine Roos, Stem cell donor – Stem cell donor attempts gruelling Robben Island crossing, swimming 7.4km swim for patients with blood-related cancers

2021.04.08 – Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi, Sangoma, spiritual teacher, healer, life coach, Afrikan storyteller, writer, dancer, trained facilitator and international teacher, speaker, and health wellness instructor – Mind, body and spirit – healing of being

2021.04.08 – Dr Charlene Wolberg, Medical doctor and Nutrionist from Specialist Weight and Nutrition practice at Netcare Linksfield Hospital – Food, diet and health contributing to and or aiding general health right up to chronic illnesses like cancer Looking at misinformed sources, long-term consequences, chronic illness, as well as guided medical health benefits around the issues of weight loss, dieting, un-approved dieting solutions, and overall nutrition guidance.

2020.12.17 – Darren and Lauren Thomas – South African in wheelchair inspires with his training video

2021.03.25 – Yael Olwyn, Cancer Warrior, (crossing over to Israel) , Talia Gritzman, DL Link Angel – DL ling angel spreads her wings for someone else to fly

2021.03.25 – Dr Ridwaan Mia,Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Sandton Mediclinic, Netcare Sunninghill Hospital – Surgery and Reconstruction for cancer patients

2021.03.18 – Peter Berman, DL Link angel and Rider Joined by Rob Mailich and Ilan Devimes – “5 of us crazy folk did the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge to raise money for charity.

2021.03.18 – John Sanei, best-selling author, global trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and Singularity University faculty member – Revolutionary thinking, attitudes and living – to everything By combining aspects of human psychology, business strategy, and future studies, John provides a unique and holistic approach to achieving future-readiness

2021.03.11 – Romi Malloon, teacher at Crawford Bedfordview – DL Link Angel She came up & facilitated a school fundraising initiative in honour of her cousins refuah shalema for World Cancer Day by selling orange ribbons

2021.03.11 – Nisha Varghese, award winning South African – A South African With Cerebral Palsy Honoured as “Hero of the Year”! – a young South African with cerebral palsy, has just been honoured with a “Hero of the Year” award for all the good work she does in her community.

2021.03.11 – Adam Cruise, investigative environmental journalist, travel writer, academic and author – New book ‘It’s Not About the Bats’, that explores conservation, the coronavirus and how we must reset our relationship with nature. ‘It’s about you and me”, he says, with the Covid19 pandemic really putting a spotlight on calling on us to re-examine our rampant commercialisation of nature and animals in farming, wildlife management and in our diets, along with the egotistical view that ecosystems, plants, trees, and other animals exist for the benefit of humans, and humans alone.

2021.03.04 – Gabi Joseph, Patient liaison DL Link and cancer exercise specialist Russel Lampert, DL L link Prostate Cancer warrior trained by Gabi Gabi is doing special training meant for cancer and is working with Russel

2021.03.04 – Dr Bongi Vilakazi, Founder and Medical Director Wellness 360 (PTY) LTD with a master’s degree in Obesity Management | Board Member | Speaker | Entrepreneur Journal publications – World Obesity Day 2021

2021.02.25 – Lyn Lockett, DL Link warrior.

2021.02.25 – Nicky Rowbotham – 7 Steps to Finding Flow – Flip the Script on Stress book (Tracey McDonald Publishers).

2021.02.25 – Professor Bernardo L. Rapoport – Dip in Med (UBA), MMed (Witwatersrand) The Medical Oncology Centre of Rosebank | Extraordinary Professor, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria PLOT: New indications for Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment: European Society for Medical Onchology (ESMO) Africa Summit (15th Feb 2021).



2021.01.28 – DL LINK WITH NIKKI SEBERIN – Going for Gold.

2021.01.21 – DL LINK WITH NIKKI SEBERIN – In conversation with Shayne Weideman – Nodular Melanoma Cancer Warrior and Linda Gomes Otto -“Mole Patrole” – Skin Cancer and dangers with melanomas left unchecked – A story of early versus late detection between two old colleagues and friends.

2021.01.14 – Alison Botha, ‘Woman of Courage’ and ‘Rotarian Paul Harris Courage Beyond the Norm ' Award Winner and Author of “I Have Life” – The triumph of Spirit 9 th December 2020 marked 26 years since Alison’s life was changed forever – Although this may be a little controversial for the DL Link, Alison’s story proves that we can and do get anything and everything when we really want and need to – Twenty six years later, she continues to motivate and inspire the world.

2021.01.07 – Gabbie Joseph.

2021.01.07 – Lizel Nel – Cancer Warior.

2021.01.07 – Thembinkosi Phantsi – CEO and founder Avari Cars.

2020.12.10 – Gavin Morris – Follow up on the real JRC running school –beer mile fund raising event dl link was the beneficiary – The Real JRC is a small informal running school in Johannesburg.   Our club slogan is “A big drinking club with a small running problem”!

2020.12.10 – Kate Emmerson, Best Selling Author & Mentor – 10 Lessons for Living #LocationFree: An insider’s guide to living and working anywhere and everywhere – Kate Emmerson has just written a new book about living location free – living life fully and fearlessly!

2020.12.10 – Stefan Terblanche, Former Springbok Rugby player – Five Easy-to-Implement Workouts for the End of the Year and Holidays.

2020.12.03 – Sara Gon – Policy Fellow at the SA Institute of Race Relations – Love and Angels

2020.12.03 – Gisele Wertheim Aymes, Founder of World of Longevity – The end of the year or world Know it Own it Live it – The end of the year or world? Know it. Own it. Live it

2020.12.03 – Dr Danny Pillay Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist Homoeopath -Complimentary approach to cancer and general health and wellbeing as we head into the end of the year and New Year

26.11.2020 – Jonti Mayer – Author and executive coach – Conscious Manifestation – for people on a quest for significance.

26.11.2020 – Naniki Seboni – Cancer Survivor and Motivational Speaker –  Actress – Model – “Its only when your worst fears come true, that you learn how strong you really are”.

2020.11.19 – Selwyn Sanders, Chairman and Howard Tucker, Committee Member Capri Wheelers Cycling Club – “Celebration of life ride 2020 hosted by capri wheelers cycling club

2020.11.19 – Dr Yossi Unterslak, Gynaecologist trained in reproductive medicine and reproductive medical assistant at Vitalab – Male infertility and cancer complications for November

2020.11.12 – Garron Gsell, Movember Foundation – Changing the face of men’s health – Grow and Groom a Mo to Unite and Overcome Lockdown Isolation Help Change the Face of Men’s Health this November

2020.11.12 – Dean Fabian Fritz, 30-year-old Roving Post-Basic Pharmacist Assist Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia -SURVIVING CANCER THROUGH COVID-19- YOUNG PHARMACIST SHARES HIS STORY

2020.11.12 – Andrew Michel, Prostate Cancer Survivor DL Link warrior

2020.11.05 – Jamie Waller, 25-year-old looking for a heart – Woman waiting for a new heart helps grow the Organ Donor Registry in SA

2020.11.05 – Helena Kriel, Award-winning Author – Meditating with Rhinos – Melinda Ferguson books

2020.10.29 – Ruth Ancer, Clinical Psychologist – Finding beauty and of purpose through pain, How, when, and why we can turn pain into purpose?

2020.10.29 – Dr Alastair Clark, Aesthetics expert and Global Aesthetics Trainer, General practitioner, and Honorary lecturer at Wits Medical School – Aesthetics for skin cancer (+ all / any skin or cancer medical ailments and procedures)

2020.10.22 – Quinton van Kerken, Chief Executive Officer: Magic Dragon Group and Kevin Pearman, Managing Director and license holder: Crafted Hemp Farm

2020.10.22 – Alana Jossell – Developing Entrepreneurial resilience

2020.10.15 – Sara Joselowsky, Kayla Sifris, and Kayla Shulman – DL Link Angels – The three young ladies from Yeshiva College has decided to run the following project in honour of breast cancer month

2020.10.15 – Alison Tucker, Author and breast cancer survivor – My Best Worst Year – A Breast Cancer Story (New Book, Tracey McDonald Publishers)

2020.10.08 – Dr Shirley Lipschitz – In line with breast cancer month – early detection of breast cancer

2020.10.08 – Dr Louella Ritz – Specialist Diagnostic Radiologist at The Morningside Breast Care Unit – Early Diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) non-invasive breast cancer.

2020.10.08 – Desiree Firer Assistant Editor at Soul Sport Magazine: proof-reader, writer, researcher and journalist and DL Link Warrior – Dessie volunteered during the Charidy campaign and will be thanking all our donors who so generously donated. She has also been calling all our donors thanking them for so generously donating.

2020.10.01 – Prof Amanda Krause, Head of Genetics and the Donald Gordon Medical Center – Genetics and Breast Cancer

2020.10.01 – Jane Mckenzie, CEO, Founder and Owner – 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE -Stress and Biology: Natural, Global, Quantum, Virtual Medicine

2020.10.01 – Colin Biddle Brand Manager for Tomato Watches – Tomato Watch give away to breast cancer warriors

2020.09.17 – What is the story of Rosh Hashanah

2020.09.17 – Nik Rabinowitz – level five home-schooler, level four surfer, multi-level stay-at-home – dad,comedian,everything else – It’s time to find our sense of humour and try look for the lighter side of Covid life – the new normal as we enter level 1, and everything else in-between.

2020.09.17 – Musa SoulSync Motha, 24-year-old Cancer hero – We follow up with Musa who I interviewed back in 2019, who in spite of losing a leg to Osteogenic sarcoma has not only taken over SA stages as a professional dancer, continues to shine not only as our DL Link Warrior but as a great young South African who just won the Naledi Theatre 2019 Lesedi Spirit of Courage Award on Sunday 13th September 2020

2020.09.10 – Michelle Goodman – CHARIDY WRAP UP

2020.09.10 – Dr Shabeer Ahmed Jeeva, Specialist Child & Adult Psychiatrist Leading International ADHD Expert – Care in the Time of the Big C: Covid and Cancer Care – wellbeing for Children and Parents Part 1

2020.09.10 – Dr Arnike Redelinghuys, healthcare practitioner specialising in homeopathy -Care in the Time of the Big C: Covid and Cancer Care – wellbeing for Children and Parents Part 2

2020.09.03 – Tammy Goodman – talking about the Charidy campaign


2020.09.03 – Bernice Berson – DL LINK ANGEL

2020.08.27 – Rabbi Ari Kievman – You Are Your Body’s Keeper Physical Fitness is Mandatory in Judaism

2020.08.27 – Larry Hodes – Entrepreneur and Restauranteur Larry Hodes – A restaurateur’s experience with the Covid-19 crisis

2020.08.27 – Jane McKenzie CEO and Founder of 365 Health by Choice – Bringing in the healthy Rejuvenate your DNA and boost your immunity

2020.08.20 – Giulia Criscuolo – Pharmacist, complimentary medicines expert and life coach – To mark Women’s Month, three inspirational and influential female health experts say women must make their own health a priority and not compromise on their wellbeing because of their many roles in life

2020.08.20 – Dr Reyhana Seedat – Clinical psychologist – Technique developed by an Israeli EMDR therapist to help people cope with the stresses and anxiety related to Covid-19

2020.08.13 – Vivienne Cannan, Founder of AHA Africa – Which story do you want to tell when you get to the other side

2020.08.13 – Lenerd Louw, Guide,Coach, Magician Author of JUMP

2020.08.06 – Louw Breytenbach, Director of National Arts, Mental Health Activist, and social media influencer – The Louw-Down Breaking the silence on mental health

2020.08.06 – Dr Aliza Bilman, clinical psychologist on Technique developed by an Israeli EMDR therapist to help people cope with the stresses and anxiety related to Covid-19

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