Poll: More Israelis prefer Gantz as PM over Netanyahu

A new poll published on Channel 12 News on Friday shows that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his advantage on the question of suitability for the role of Prime Minister.
When Netanyahu faced off against opposition leader and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid, there was a tie of 32% between the two. When Netanyahu was placed against National Unity chairman Benny Gantz, Netanyahu received 31% support from the public, while Gantz received 38%.
Among the voters of the pro-Netanyahu bloc, the poll found, 21% of respondents said they prefer Gantz, and 59% said they prefer Netanyahu.
To the question of whether Netanyahu should retract the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, more than two-thirds believe that he should, while only 17% think that Netanyahu should indeed fire him.
Among the voters of the pro-Netanyahu bloc, an overwhelming majority – 57% – believes that Gallant should not be fired.
Participants in the poll were asked if they believe that Netanyahu wants a real dialogue about the reform of the judicial system. 61% among respondents answered that they do not believe the Prime Minister wants a real dialogue, while 29% said that they believe in him.
Another question dealt with the protests against the judicial reform. Respondents were asked whether they think the demonstrations should continue even after the postponement of the legislation to the summer session of the Knesset. 31% said that it is necessary to continue demonstrating, 31% think that the protests should be stopped until it becomes clear whether the legislation resumes and 31% answered that the public should stop demonstrating.
The respondents were also asked how much they are concerned over the future of Israel”s relations with the US following the recent crisis between President Joe Biden and Netanyahu, which followed Biden”s criticism of the judicial reform. The majority – 53% – said they are concerned over the relations, while 42% stated that they are not concerned.
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