Pence: Charging Trump sends terrible message to world about American Justice

Former Vice President Mike Pence slammed Thursday”s indictment against former President Donald Trump by Manhattan”s district attorney as an “outrage,” charging that the move to indict a former president on a campaign finance issue not only further polarizes America but will also encourage dictators around the world to justify their own abuses of justice.
“I have to tell you there there are dictators and authoritarians around the world that will point to that to justify their own abuse of their own so-called justice system,” Pence said in a Friday interview with National Review Editor in Chief Rich Lowry.
“I”m very troubled by it,” Pence said. “It”s clear to the overwhelming majority of the American people that this is nothing short of a political prosecution being affected by a Manhattan DA who literally campaigned on bringing charges against one particular American.”
“And I must tell you that should be offensive to every American, left, right and center. Every American deserves equal treatment under the law and I believe the American people will see this for what it is,” Pence added.
He warned fellow Republicans to resist the urge “to become like” Democrats by engaging in politically motivated prosecutions.
“The answer is to return to a commitment to the foundations of the rule of law enshrined in the Constitution of the United States,” Pence said, answering a question on how Republicans can best respond to Trump”s prosecution.
“We’ve got to rally behind men and women that are committed to the principles at the heart of our republic, that are committed to equal justice before the law and to a fair administration of justice.”

Pence lashed out at Democrats and the media for their “obsession” with Trump, calling it “troubling” at a time when the country is struggling with insurmountable problems on multiple fronts, including historic high inflation, the crisis at the Southern border, the Ukraine war, Iran”s nuclear ambitions, and China”s increasingly aggressive behavior.
“At a time when we”re facing large intractable challenges and home and abroad, [Trump”s indictment] will likely only serve to further divide our country at a time when we ought to be finding ways to come together to faces these challenges,” he said.
“I will tell you having served many years on the International Relations Committee in the House, having traveled around the world as vice president of the United States, the indictment of a former president on a campaign finance issue sends a terrible message to the wider world about American justice.”

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