Palestinian media circulates instructions for shooting attacks

Incitement videos encouraging and instructing how to carry out terrorist attacks in different ways are being distributed on Palestinian Telegram channels against the background of the month of Ramadan, also known as the month of Jihad.
The last video in the series, called: “O the wolf, rise up for Al-Aqsa Mosque”, opens with video clips with a mournful melody playing in the background, recording security forces shooting on the Temple Mount to disperse Palestinian rioters and dispersing demonstrations with batons in the Old City of Jerusalem. The title is intended to evoke images of the ‘lone wolf’style of terror attack in which an individual commits an act of terror with little support or prior coordination.

In the second part, with rhythmic music, recommends and illustrates possible Palestinian responses. The first of these is approaching two armed police officers walking through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem and shooting them in the head at point blank range, and then taking the two guns and quickly fleeing the scene.
In the second scenario, two policemen standing guard on a street in the Old City are marked as targets. The creators of the video recommended to approach the two police officers without arousing suspicion, and only when standing in front of them to pull out the gun hidden in the coat and shoot at their bodies, and then approach and shoot them in the head to ensure a kill and immediately flee the scene.

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