Meir Panim: People who’ve never needed help are now coming for a warm meal

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Arutz Sheva – Israel National News talked to Mimi Rozmaryn, Director of Global Development of Meir Panim, an nation-wide soup kitchen that serves thousands of needy Israelis on a daily basis and sends meals to people’s doorsteps.
Regarding rising costs of living and growing requests for help, Mimi says she’s been seeing people, “who have a job and who have never needed help before.”
“People are coming in to help stretch their budgets,” she says. “One meal a week helps them make ends meet because grocery store prices are increasing. Whereas previously they were able to get by, now they’re having difficulty doing so.”
“We’re even more aware of the price hikes,” she points out, “since we’re a food service.”
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Mimi discusses people’s feeling of “being limited” by their lack of resources and the way Meir Panim is helping ahead of the Passover holiday. “We take especially great joy in providing people everything they need for Passover be it Seder components, holiday gift cards, or holiday baskets – matza, oil, canned goods, things that will allow them to cook for themselves over the holiday,” she explains.
“We could not do this without everyone supporting our work,” says Mimi. “It’s especially important during a time when politics are so tumultuous and people are so on edge. It’s incredible that there are places that you come in independent of race, creed, or political orientation and be taken care of like you’re part of the family,” she continues.
“We find this such a meaningful way to connect with the people of Israel,” she continues. “I’d like to invite all the viewers to lend a hand because we believe in Meir Panim – we believe in the mission we believe in helping people with their basic needs so that they can celebrate Passover and have a helping hand all year around.”
Mimi also relates to how much joy she gets from meeting people who come in to the food kitchen. “It’s the best thing in the world to be a helping hand for people, to be there for them, and let them know that there’s a whole community behind them,” she says with a big smile on her face.
“Some people may think it’s depressing but I think it’s amazing,” Mimi tells us. “Thanks to you and this amazing place that’s a refuge to so many, there’s a dining room full of people being taken care of and having a hot dinner together.”
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