Likud Minister to INN: We caved, but we couldn’t let the country fall apart

Information Minister Galit Distel Atbaryan (Likud) took part in the right-wing demonstration in Tel Aviv on Thursday night and, in a conversation with Israel National News, said that going to the streets is the order of the day.
“The presence of the right in the streets is critical. The fight is not in the Knesset but rather on the Israeli street. For too long we left the field empty and an optical illusion has emerged that the entire people are against the “dictatorship”. Going out to the streets shows that it is not about the people against the dictatorship but rather that the majority of the people are in favor of the government and in favor of democracy. We will demonstrate until our victory will come to fruition, because right now it’s not happening,” explained Distel Atbaryan.
She did not hide her dissatisfaction with the decision to halt the legislation process of the judicial reform.

“We caved because we didn’t imagine how much there is a state within a state here. When all the state institutions rose up against the government – including the army, the State Attorney”s Office and the police – we could not let the country fall apart. The step we took was sad but necessary, tragic but necessary for the common good. We are a government of all the people of Israel,” said Distel Atbaryan.
“We are witnessing here a coup that was already planned years ago, the underhanded opportunism of the representatives of the left in all the institutions. Right now it is erupting and there is a lot of work. We will not give up,” the minister vowed.
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