Two Jews charged with using axe to attack Palestinian Arabs

On Purim night, about a week after the Yaniv brothers were murdered in Huwara and nearby Jews responded by rioting in the PA-controlled town, a group of Jewish youths attacked Palestinian Arabs outside one of the shops in the village.
Members of the group threw stones at family members inside a vehicle, and one of the individuals used an axe to hit one of the car’s occupants.
In a joint operation by the Shin Bet and Israel Police, two Samaria residents – Hanoch Rabin, a resident of Givat Ronen, and Raz Giron of Yitzhar were apprehended a week later on suspicion of taking part in the attack. They were subsequently transferred for questioning by the Shin Bet.
An indictment was filed against the two today (Thursday) on charges of aggravated and premeditated assault in a racially motivated terror attack.
The indictment letter submitted by attorney Lital Mehlal states that the Palestinian Arabs, residents of Asira al-Kabaliya, came to shop at a supermarket in Huwara and were waiting in their car when the attack occurred.
The defendants are said to have arrived at the scene equipped with an axe, emergency hammer, stones, and pepper spray, with the intention of attacking local residents. Wearing face masks, the group of eight-10 people started pelting stones at the vehicle and other nearby cars.
Later, Hanoch allegedly ran towards the vehicle in question and smashed in the rear window with the axe, after which Raz is said to have thrown stones through it.
Hanoch then hit the man in the driver’s seat, who shielded his face with his hands so that the axe ended up hitting his shoulder and hand. At the same time, one of the others present threw a stone at the front window of the vehicle, smashing it. Raz joined in and threw stones into the vehicle, hitting one of the complainants in the head.
When the complainants attempted to flee the scene, the defendants and others involved continued throwing stones at them, spraying pepper spray into the vehicle.
During the incident, the defendants are said to have shouted: “Death to the Arabs.” The victims of the attack suffered multiple injuries, as well as damage to their vehicles.
The Shin Bet claims that “the two suspects belong to a violent group that targets Palestinians and disrupts the activities of security forces trying to thwart Palestinian terrorists and maintain the peace.”
“These acts enflame hostilities, creating a significant risk to the lives of innocent bystanders and harming the fabric of life in Judea and Samaria. The General Security Service considers these acts, which are carried out out of nationalist motives, a danger to the security of the state, and in cooperation with the Israel Police and IDF, will continue to prosecute them with the full severity of the law,” added the Shin Bet.

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