Pro-Govt. demonstration in Tel Aviv: ‘Yes to reform, no to surrender’

Right-wing organizations held a large demonstration they called the ‘March for Freedom’ in Tel Aviv this evening (Thursday). The march is being held in support of the government’s planned judicial reforms.
Thousands of people turned out for the march, calling on the government not to “surrender” in the negotiations on the judicial reform issue.
The Im Tirtzu organization, one of the organizers of the march, said in a statement that this right-wing demonstration would be different from recent left-wing and anti-government demonstrations in that it would not involve attempts to block highways. “Today everyone knows, in the coalition as well as the opposition, that it is necessary to carry out reforms and corrections in the judicial system. It is possible to discuss the issue, it is important to reach an agreement – but we will not allow a surrender. The people’s vote must not be trampled by thugs who encouraged disobedience and damage to Israel’s economy. The majority of the people demand a correction in the judicial system and this demand must not be destroyed, the majority of the population must not be turned into second-class citizens.”
“We call on the thousands who have already confirmed their arrival, to bring their family members and all their friends to march with us. We will not block roads, we are not anarchists. There has not been and will not be any calls and incitement to violence. The march is approved by the police and tonight Tel Aviv will also hear – the people chose judicial reform.”

Im Tirtzu also called on demonstrators “not to bring signs or make calls that incite violence.”
On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the government’s judicial reform legislation would be frozen until the Knesset’s summer session to allow for negotiations with the opposition on the reforms. The negotiations began this week at the President’s Residence under the auspices of President Reuven Rivlin.

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