Anti-Israel site Mondoweiss misakes actress for Israeli politician

The far-left American news website Mondoweiss confused an actress with an Israeli politician.
In a video posted to social media depicting a speech by Likud MK Tali Gottlieb at a demonstration in support of the government’s now-frozen judicial reform plans. the organization included a picture not of Gottlieb, but of Liat Har Lev, the actress who portrays Gottlieb on the popular Israeli satire show ‘Eretz Nehederet.’
Despite the mistake, anti-Israel commentators seized on the post as proof of Israel’s alleged evil and undemocratic nature. Very few commentators pointed out or cared about the image.

Mondoweiss, which tows an extreme anti-Israel line, has been repeatedly accused of crossing the line into antisemitism. In 2015, law professor David Bernstein wrote in the Washington Post that Mondoweiss was a ‘hate site’ which trafficked in antisemitic tropes similar to the Protocols of the Elders of Ziyon. In 2016, Tablet Magazine accused the site of launching an antisemitic attack against Jeffery Goldberg, who had recently been appointed editor-in-chief of The Atlantic.
Even Peter Beinart, a prominent critic of Israel and Zionism, accused Mondoweiss of “ignoring human rights abuse unless it can be linked to America or capitalism or the West” in 2013. Beinart said that “by admitting that they’re more interested in human rights violations when Israel commits them than when Hamas does, Horowitz and Roth are implying that they don’t really see human rights as universal.”

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