This makes 1 large pizza base and doubles easily. You could make small pizza’s for individual toppings. I make 2 large pizza’s as this is a huge family favorite and only takes 15 minutes to put together. It is also one where the kids can ‘make’ it themselves by adding their own toppings and watching it bake.

Pre-heat your oven at 200C.

Pizza Base ingredients:

500 ml self-raising flour

2 ml salt or other seasoning

150 ml hot water

75 ml oil

Topping ingredients:

Tomato base – either bottled pasta sauce or canned tomato mix or even just plain tomato sauce. Add Oregano or Italian herbs and garlic, as you wish.

Enough grated cheese to cover the pizza. I use cheddar and mozzarella or tussers mixed.

Toppings of your choice or none at all. We’ve had banana and peanut butter,Ugh!  Favourites are pineapple, vegetarian polony, mushrooms, spinach, feta, olives. (Occasionally all at the same time). The only rule if the kids are ‘making’, is that if you choose a topping then you eat the pizza.


Mix it all the pizza base ingredients together.

Roll out your dough into whatever size you want. My kids love thin base pizza so I roll it till about 1/2 cm thickness, but don’t make it thicker than 1 cm or it won’t cook through.

Bake it for 10 minutes in the oven. While it is baking, cut up your toppings.

Add your toppings. Tomato base, topping and then cheese or cheese and then topping.

Bake further for +/- 30 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling.

Slice and serve


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