Sea Ceviche with Cherries


400g Fresh fish, intias, Thoroughly clean the fish fillet removing all bones, cut width wise to 1 cm slices

Zest and juice of 2 limes or lemons   Zest the limes then squeeze the lemons and set aside.

4 Shallots, cut into thin strips              Marinate the shallots in ice water so that they curl.

25 Fresh Cherries, pitted

1 Bunch coriander                              Separate the coriander leaves 

1 Green onion, sliced diagonally length ways  Place fish slices on a serving plate and assemble in this order, sprinkle the Atlantic sea salt , coriander leaves , green onion curls, shallot, lime, chili, cherries and olive oil

1 Chili, finely chopped                                    To finish it off decorate with lime zest , serve immediately 

5 tbsp high quality virgin olive oli

Atlantic sea salt

start assembling the dish a few minutes before serving

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