Day: November 30, 2021

This is not a column about Daisy

This is not a column about Daisy. It is a column about kindness and appreciation. And even though Daisy, our beloved German Shepherd is central to the story, she is not the least of what it is about. Daisy died yesterday. It involved a Checkers 360 guy, a motorbike, and the unfulfilled dream of a

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South Africa is paying price for excellence in detecting Omicron with discrimination

New COVID-19 variant is a time for science, not demagogues. Let’s leave the real decisions to them, not populists panicking and pandering to their prejudices. South Africa found itself on the receiving end of its own excellence last week. It wasn’t a new experience, just the rotten fruits of centuries of exploitation, overlaid with more recent Afro-pessimism. Our

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