Day: March 19, 2021

A 12th century libel for a 21st century pandemic

The rise in antisemitism around the world in the last decade has been staggering. It has emanated from the Left and the Right, and from Muslims in both Europe and America. But with Covid-19, antisemitism has reached an unprecedented level of visceral, medieval superstition through the recasting of the medieval tropes against the Jews that

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The truth about Pesach

The truth about Pesach is that most of us overdo the food. I am sharing my thoughts on what we do to ourselves when preparing for Pesach. The story Pesach is a time of sadness for the Jewish people, we were slaves in Egypt. Pesach is also a time of great joy.  We became a

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Bayede – Wena we Ndlovu – An Acumen Media Report

The headlines broke last week as I was closing off the weekly report. King Goodwill Zwelithini had passed away. Today those posts and headlines exceed 80 thousand items with over 330 thousand engagements, a nation cries, “The King is Dead”, Long Live the King.  Bayede Wena we Ndlovu! The death of South Africa’s Monarch, a

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