Mandela Day 2015

101.9 ChaiFM's Mandela Day Pavement Farm Vegetable Garden Initiative

On Friday 18th July 2014 the 101.9 ChaiFM team took on a Mandela Day initiative to create their own Pavement Farm Vegetable Garden utilising the Islands in the middle of the street, outside the station's office. The aim of the initiative was to create an on-going project to offer free vegetables to anyone in need who passes by the pavement.  

101.9 ChaiFM collaborated with ORT SA for this initiative as well as with Jacks Paint Orange Grove and Highlands North. Jacks Paint took the opportunity to offer a fantastic prize to listeners who got involved. Every person who took the initiative onto their own pavement was encouraged to take a "before" and "after" photo of their pavement farm. The most attractive and successful pavement farm stood the chance to win a repaint of the dining room and lounge of their home or property. Jacks Paint Orange Grove and Highlands North pledged to cover the cost of the painters, paint and materials.  

On the day, the 101.9 ChaiFM team was in awe as the community stepped forward to help. Listeners came through during their lunch break to give of their time for their 67 minutes. One helpful listener went as far as to water the vegetable garden on Sunday and offer a hose pipe to make the watering easier for the team going forward. 

The Pavement renovation took place between 12 and 3pm outside the 101.9 ChaiFM offices.