Miracke Drive Dinner

February 27, 2019 all-day
Sandton Convention Center
Rabbi Kievman
079 434 1293
For helping us out — aside from the pleasure and good feelings from performing the mitzvah of tzedakah — you can win some really exciting and substantial prizes!

Call Rabbi Ari Kievman 079-434-1293 or email [email protected] to book your tickets

SILVER TICKET R3 600 Donation = 10 Draws; GOLD TICKET R5 400 Donation = 16 Draws; PLATINUM TICKET R9 000 Donation = 28 Draws; EMERALD TICKET R18 000 Donation = 58 Draws; RUBY TICKET R36 000 Donation = 118 Draws; SAPPHIRE TICKET R54 000 Donation = 180 Draws; DIAMOND TICKET R90 000 Donation = 360 Draws; DOUBLE DIAMOND TICKET R180 000 Donation = 770 Draws. We can process your donation by credit card or via EFT (see details below). Also, your donations qualify for S18A tax deduction.

Whether you have directly benefited from Chabad House or not, your support will help us to continue to help others discover more about their Jewish heritage in a nonjudgmental and accepting atmosphere. Here’s a chance to both help others AND win something wonderful for you and your family. We’re counting on you!

Banking details  
Miracle Drive Trust
Account number: 62457937989
FNB Balfour Park – Branch : 250-655
Ref: your name
Please email proof of contributions to [email protected]
Thank you for your kind and generous support!!

The elderly, children’s education, marriage counselling, books for the invalid, uplifting people in jail,  and hospital visitations are a mere spectrum of our daily activities. With a team of dedicated workers and volunteers, Chabad House is more than an activity centre; it is an institution that is absolutely indispensable on the South African Jewish communal scene.

Some of the programmes that have been developed in more recent times include: Grow Your Life, a non-sectarian programme aimed at educating the disadvantaged youth in South Africa about the importance of entrepreneurial skills; CARE – Chabad’s Addiction Rehabilitation Centre – aimed at restoring the lives of those who have unfortunately succumbed to the devastating realm of addiction; and One Time Shoe Shine – an entrepreneurial programme that was borne as a result of Grow Your Life.

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